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The Carolina Vegetation Survey

Sampling methodology and data management


Peet, R.K., T.R. Wentworth and P.S. White. 1998. A flexible, multipurpose method for recording vegetation composition and structure. Castanea 63:262-274. (CVS Protocol)

Peet, R.K., M.T. Lee, M.F. Boyle, T.R. Wentworth, M.P. Schafale & A.S. Weakley. 2012b. Vegetation-plot database of the Carolina Vegetation Survey. Biodiversity and Ecology
4: 243-253. (http://dx.doi.org/10.7809/b-e.00081)

Peet, R.K., K.A. Palmquist, T.R. Wentworth, M.P. Schafale, A.S. Weakley & M.T. Lee. 2017. Carolina Vegetation Survey: an initiative to improve regional implementation of the U.S. National Vegetation Classification. Phytocoenologia 48: 171-179.

2. Workshops

3. CVS-EEP Protocol for Recording Vegetation (2006-)

4. Legacy CVS Protocol Files (1996-2004)

Please see this page for information on legacy protocol files.

























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