The Carolina Vegetation Survey

The Carolina Vegetation Survey is a collaborative, multi-institutional research program designed to document the composition and status of the natural vegetation of the Carolinas for purposes of inventory, monitoring of environmental impacts, and assessment of conservation status.  The Survey consists of a core group of scientists representing UNC at Chapel Hill, NC State Univ., Clemson Univ., Western Carolina Univ., The Citadel, The NC Botanical Garden, The NC Natural Heritage Program, The Nature Conservancy, NatureServe, and the Plant Protection Program of the NC Dept. Agriculture.

The survey sponsors annual "pulse" events where the core scientists and volunteer botanists from across the region study a portion of North Carolina intensively for a 10-day period. Data collection methods are standardized and are now widely employed across the Southeast.  Data collected by the survey are archived in standard format and are available to government agencies and conservation organization upon request.

Organizers and contact information

Robert K. Peet (UNC Chapel Hill) -- Chair
Thomas Wentworth (NC State Univ.) -- Secretary
Mike Schafale (NC Natural Heritage Program) -- Site selection and community classification
Alan Weakley (NC Botanical Garden) -- Floristics, plant identification, and taxonomic standards
Michael Lee (UNC Chapel Hill) -- Database administrator, programmer

Pulse -- the sampling events of the Carolina Vegetation Survey

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