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Vegetation of the Carolinas

The Vegetation of the Carolinas website is a work in progress. We will post components as they become available.


Vegetation Prediction Tool

The Carolina Vegetation Survey has completed a prototype tool in MS-Access that uses environmental setting to predict the type of vegetation that is most likely to occur at a site, based on the reference sites in the CVS database. This tool has been expanded in scope to the Coastal Plain Brownwater Rivers, Piedmont Rivers, and Mountain Rivers (with subsets for New, Little Tennessee and Nolichucky Rivers).

Community Hierarchy and Summary Menu

CVS now offers a dynamic version of the following community hierarchy pages. This allows you to expand communities of interest, while minimizing the space occupied by other communities. A correlation between NVC and CVS communities is also provided when available. To access the new dynamic versions of a hierarchy, please click the links below. If you have problems, feedback, or comments on our new pages, please let us know at cvs-at-unc.edu

If you would like to see a plot summary of a particular 4-digit CEGL code, you can look that up directly here. The list of types below will allow you to find type(s) within the CVS hierarchy of types.

Mountain Vegetation

Piedmont Vegetation

Coastal Plain Vegetation

Coastal Fringe Vegetation