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Resampling (Monitoring) plots in the CVS-EEP Entry Tool

The CVS-EEP Entry Tool allows you download plots to resample, or you can resample plots already in your copy of the entry tool. You can specify which plots to resample, print datasheets on which you will record the new year's data, and create new records in the entry tool to store the new year's data. This page assumes that you have the latest version of the Entry Tool before printing datasheets for resampling.

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Downloading plots

If you have already have the plots you wish to resample in your copy of the entry tool, skip to Resampling plots. Please note that downloading plots is not possible with Access 2000. If you have this version of Access, please conact CVS for a monitoring package.

[screenshot of the button]
Open the Entry Tool and log in. From the Main Menu Planning tab, select Add a project to this database. This form allows you to enter a new project manually or download a project with plots. Click the button at the bottom of the form "Download project(s) and plots to monitor."
Press the button to download a list of projects available for download.
[screenshot of the button]
Scroll through the list for projects you want to download. You can enter search terms of the project name or numeric code and press the magnifying glass search button to help you find them. You can also map a project with the "map" button or map all projects with the "map all" button at the top to help you confirm that the project is the one you want to resample. Press import or download (depending on your version of the entry tool) next to a project to download that project and plots for resampling.
Press the Print VMD Datasheets to continue the process described below.

Resampling plots

Once you have the plots you want to resample in the entry tool, you can resample them by printing template datasheets then creating new template plots with data for the next year.

Please note: It is highly recommended that you follow ALL these steps on the same day.

From the Main Menu, go to the Reports tab. If there isn't a reports tab, you either have a very old Entry Tool and should upgrade to a new one, or you can show it from Main Menu | Options | Advanced | Show Main Menu Tabs (as of version 2.2.5).
Click the "Datasheets for Resampling" button.
[screenshot of the resample plots form]
The "Resample plots" form shows you the plot code for each plot, along with the number of times the plot has been sampled, the first year number (0-5, where 0 is baseline data) in your Entry Tool, and the calendar year that corresponds to that year. Similarly it lists the last year number and calendar year. If any of the year numbers are incorrect, you can update the initial year number with the "Edit Years" button at the bottom of the form.
You can also change the Plot Level in the next year of sampling by changing the numbers in the right-most column. Use the button above the column to change the level of all plots. This does not affect any plots already collected, only the next year of sampling.
[screenshot of report]
Once you are satisfied that the year numbers and plot levels are correct, it's time to print datasheets. Select plots you wish to print by checking the box in the Print column, using the "check all" or "uncheck all" buttons above the check boxes at the top of the form if you like. Then press the Print Selected button at the bottom of the form. This opens a report that can be printed directly to a printer, or if you have a PDF writer, to a PDF file for later printing (Select File | Print... to print). This report shows you the planted stem data from the last year of sampling, including stem species, X and Y coordinates, plot location, and provides space to enter data for the next year. Click here to view a sample set of datasheets (PDF)
Next, in the resample column, check any and all plots you wish to resample, and click the resample plots button below those check boxes. This creates a new set of "plots" (or more technically "observations of plots") to which will attach the new data. You can resample plots that don't have planted stems. Please complete this on the same day and in the same entry tool as you printed datasheets. This helps ensure that the template plots will match your datasheets exactly.
[screenshot of plot picklist]
Finally, press Enter Data> to begin entering the data you collected, or access the entry forms from the Main Menu. You should notice that the new year is available from the "select plot" picklist on the new forms. It's a very good idea to quickly scan the printed datasheets and compare them to the new year's plots to ensure that no errors were encountered in this process!
[screenshot of configuring plot picklist]
OPTIONAL: Be careful to choose the correct year, as well as the correct plot when entering data. To limit the list of plots to only the most recent year, you can right-click any "select plot" picklist and choose "configure picklists" (see above screenshot). Then on the new form (shown to the right), you can check the box: "Show only the most recent year for each plot (hides baseline plot and earlier monitoring years)." You may have to close and reopen any forms, but your picklist will then only show the most recent year plots. You can uncheck this box if you want to access earlier plots.