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Upgrading to the new CVS-EEP Entry Tool

When we release a new version of the Entry Tool, you probably want to upgrade to it. If you already have data in an older version of the entry tool, follow these steps to use that data in the new Entry Tool. You'll need to do this for each older entry tool that you want upgraded.

Download the latest version of the Entry Tool.
Unzip the downloaded file into the same folder as your old Entry Tool.
Open the NEW Entry Tool and log in to get to the Main Menu.
Click the options tab and then the Advanced features button.
Click the Import data into this Entry Database from another Entry DB button:
image of import button
Press Yes and Yes on the two confirmation dialog boxes.
image of dialog boxes
Browse for and select the old Entry Tool, which should be in the same folder. Then press "Open."
image of browse for file dialog
You are finished importing! A message should then inform you that import went well, but that you should compact and repair the database now. Press Yes to Compact and Repair your database (highly recommended!). Access 2007 does Compact and Repair differently.
image of message at end